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I am a Textile Designer/Maker specialising in Hand Embroidered and Resin-based products. My current collections include hand-made purses and bespoke resin buttons and jewellery.I also love to Illustrate.

I am a graduate of Nottingham Trent University, I studied Textile Design specialising in Embroidery, and also a Masters degree in Textile Design and Innovations. My MA degree ended up being a lot more mixed media in which I combined my Embroidery and Textile skills from my first degree with experimental resin work.This project was concerned with the notion of 'Preciousness' and why we treasure the things we do. This fuelled my fascination with Craft and the idea of Individually made 'Hand-Crafted' pieces, and also the tradition of hand embroidery.

I am inspired by beauty, tactility, colour and craft. I often look to history and nostalgia for influence, and I love the notion of tradition and integrity. As a result of this, my work is often a throwback to traditional techniques, utilising these techniques with a contemporary interpretation and design. Every piece is made by me, and all of my collections revolve around the idea of the 'hand-crafted'.



As well as having set collections of products, my portfolio can also be viewed through this website. I am open to any commissions for not just Textiles but any Illustrations or sketchbook work you are interested in.

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if you are interested in purchasing any of my products, or if you have any queries regarding my portfolio, please do email me emily@emily-saunders.co.uk